ScNotes (Secret Notes) is an app for creating text, graphic or audio notes with a password protection system and storing data only on your device.

ScNotes – Notepad

Google Play: Download
The app has the necessary minimum of tools for creating quick notes. You can enter text, draw or edit pictures, write with your finger with a special writing pen, or make audio recordings.
Use a system of three passwords to protect your data:
  • Password 1: main password for your login, all notes are shown
  • Password 2: notes marked as hidden will not be shown
  • Password 3: notes marked as deleted will be permanently removed, and hidden ones will not be shown
You can export your notes to PDF files, save created drawings (PNG) and audio recordings (MP3) to Downloads.
All data (notes, files, passwords) is stored only on your device.
Backup and password recovery are not provided.
The typed text of the notes is encrypted.


  • Protect your data with 3 passwords
  • Enter text using the keyboard
  • Add pictures or audio recordings to your notes
  • Create graphic notes, simple drawings, sketches
  • Make voice recordings
  • Export your notes to PDF
  • Save your files to Downloads
  • Add notes to favorites
  • Sort by date or title